Issue to be addressed: Reliability and validity of handwriting analysis

We are a network of people that professionally or in volunteer work are experts in handwriting matters such as handwriting analysis regarding personality traits or forgery, drawing tests, grapho training and grapho therapy.
A range of different methods of analysis and evaluation of in the above mentioned subjects can be used for finding distinguishing features between handwritings and personality traits traceable in someone’s writing. A comparison between findings is therefore not always guaranteed.
Consequently in the framework of handwriting analysis — no matter which kind or method — the results of the examinations can lose some of their significance and therefore reduce the meaningfulness of the results.

Solution: Ring trails for Handwriting Analysis

To avoid situations like this, proofs are required to show that the statements made by graphologists, handwriting experts or grapho therapists are reliably identifiable and are determinable with an acceptable level of precision in order to apply the validity of the methods used within graphology and handwriting expertise and build a scientific basis for it.
Starting from Summer 2016, via this website, we strongly recommend to any expert in the field of handwriting analysis around the world a solution for the above-mentioned issue to be addressed in the form of a continuous overview of the investigation process that ring trials cater to.

What are ring trials?

In a ring trial the participants will get identical handwritings and test

  1. independently of one another
  2. within a limited time period
  3. with their respective methods (e. g. manual, with software, physical/technical examination)
  4. according to provided or defined criteria (choice of specific handwriting features and/or a specific personality trait) which will be installed for each ring trial by the committee responsible.

A ring trial can either be performed by different participants (involved in this subject) or repeated by identical participants. By using statistical methods we can establish whether any deviations are purely coincidental (unavoidable) or whether a demarcation between coincidental deviations and intentional (avoidable) deviations is viable. To get a better idea of how ring trials can look like please go to the page „currents surveys“. To get a better idea of how ring trials can look like please go to the page „current surveys“ and „completed surveys

The aims of the ring trials

As ring trails are a very essential component in many fields of science and industry it is undisputed that performing ring trails by specialists on a serious and regular basis will build trust and establish an international reputation for the specific discipline. Next to this aim — external foundation — additional goals of ring trails have to be mentioned:

  • Scientific quality assurance and the evaluation of graphology and handwriting expertise by establishing of accuracy during comparative and repeated testing
  • Comparison between different methods and countries
  • Creating of a data base with official participants’ handwritings and appraisals thereof by graphologists and handwriting experts.
  • National and international long-term research for use by graphologists and handwriting experts
  • Creating of a data base with different psychological test batteries which can be used for future ring trials in comparison between graphological and personality traits determined by psychological testing.

Last but not least one has to keep in mind that not only the discipline itself but also each individual participant (e. g. graphologists, handwriting experts, grapho therapist) benefits from ring trails:

  1. It’s a type of auto-quality check
  2. A selling point for clients
  3. If you are a member of a school ring trails can be useful and necessary for vocational training of professional participants and additional qualified student training

So feel free to take part, also inform your colleagues about this service to continuously rise the amount of participants. If you know people that would like to be test persons, please show them the page „test persons“.

You have an idea for a ring trial? Please contact us at any time and share your idea with us:

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